Brushed Ceiling Rope

Item number BP-L-DS-WA20

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The Brushed Acoustic Panel features a minimalistic, timeless design and an enormous sound absorption performance. It can be put up on a wall like a picture or attached to the ceiling by an invisible magnetic mounting mechanism. The cover made from high-grade acoustic fabric as well as the core material are permanently flame-retardant and therefore also suited for facilities under fire regulations. The panel reduces echo (reverberation time) and volume (sound pressure level) in the room, creating a calm and harmonious sound atmosphere for effortless speech intelligibility.

The affix "Brushed" only refers to the variant of fabric used as a cover and has no impact on the acoustic properties.


The displayed color choices have been rigorously matched with the actual fabrics on a specifically calibrated monitor. Since the colors will most likely look different on each customer's computer screen, small deviations in color compared to the product can occur. We recommend comparing the colors on several different screens, or using a precalibrated screen such as an Apple Retina Display. Of course you can also contact our customer service directly regarding this topic.