Naturally, in the field of Sound/AudioProduction, professionals and amateurs alike have always paid attention to the use of excellent equipment. However, these investments are only sensible if room acoustics are a part of the technical concept. Reflections, reverberations and room modes distort the playback on the monitors, change the frequency response curves and cause echoing in the microphones. Still, the fact that high-tech devices only pay of in rooms with high-tech acoustic optimization is often overlooked. This creates a twofold disadvantage: production quality suffers, and oftentimes, very expensive equipment is bought to fix problems that are actually due to acoustics. 

Our sound absorber solutions allow you to fully harness the advantages of your equipment, develop excellent productions and sharpen up the style of your studio in the meantime. Silent4 Sound Absorbers achieve a broad-banded, almost 100% absorption with a linear frequency response. This makes it easy to receive a linear room response, which is of paramount importance for precise monitoring, mixing and recording.

Our Acoustic Elements are built upon a base of modern G3 glass fiber, and even while mounted on a wall or ceiling, their particular structure offers an acoustically effective air buffer between core and mounting surface. Unlike (melamine) foam, their core material is long-lasting and further protected by a sturdy frame covered with high-end fabric – a long lifespan with unchanging acoustic properties is guaranteed.