There are lots of pretty absorbers out there, but it's what's inside that counts! Silent4 Acoustic Panels contain a modern G3 glass fiber core and thereby reach substantially higher absorbance values than competitive sound absorber products made from conventional foam or Basotect. This enables the use of fewer and thinner panels for equal effect, providing an aesthetic as well as financial advantage. This powerful core is protected by a sturdy inner frame and covered with high-quality fabrics. Since the glass fiber core never degrades in performance and is well-protected, our products are highly durable. Each piece is handcrafted and rigorously inspected every step along the way. 

  • Significantly more effective than competitive sound absorber products of equal size.
  • Sturdy inner frame with easy installation mechanic.
  • Core material is long-lasting (foam and Basotect become porous and lose effectiveness).


The Sound Absorption Coefficient indicates which percentage of sound energy is actually absorbed and how much is being reflected. The higher the value, the better the sound absorber. A second indicator of quality is an even absorption in the different frequency bands, creating harmonious room acoustics. Values of more than 1.0 describe a complete absorption of the incoming sound energy .


Wall Mounting:

Two screws / nails / hooks are fixed to the wall and the acoustic panel is attached to them by the provided metal eyes.

Ceiling - Flush Mounting:

In order to directly attach the acoustic panel to the ceiling, we provide an additional magnetic holding mechanism. Four supplied armature plates are screwed to the ceiling. As soon as the acoustic panel comes into contact with them, the preinstalled magnets do their work and the installation is complete. 

Ceiling - Suspended Mounting:

In this case, the acoustic panel comes with four metal eyes which can be attached to four ropes that are attached to the ceiling.