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There are rooms where you can hardly understand your own word as soon as several people are talking. You can't make a phone call anyway, because the person at the other end of the line will ask you again after each sentence. If the music is turned up, that's the highlight anyway. Stupid only when it comes to event rooms, restaurants, offices or other rooms in which many people come together.

You value one good room acoustics? But you also want your space to be furnished in a way that reflects your style?
Then you should take a closer look at our acoustic pictures!



Acoustic images remedy this by reducing the excessive absorb sound energy and thus significantly reduce reverberation time. We perceive this effect as a lower noise level, which relaxes us and increases our motivation and willingness to perform.

Our Classics for the wall
They are available in the sizes 116 x 78 cm and 116 x 39 cm. They are covered with high-quality acoustic fabrics that transmit the sound waves directly into the core. The wall panels are mounted with self-adhesive Velcro strips.
Our Classics in a set for approx. 20 m2
Discover the bright variety of colors in the set. Whether it's Sea Breaze or Glacier Blue, there really is something for everyone. 4 wall panels measuring 116 x 78 cm improve your acoustics in rooms of approx. 20 m2 and underline your professional appearance.
Are you looking for an extraordinary solution for optimal acoustics? Then Divide leaves nothing to be desired. Create your own personal design or choose from one of our arrangements. The well thought-out Velcro assembly makes quick attachment and readjustment possible.
Our Classics in a set for approx. 30m2
The stylish sets are also available for larger rooms. Reduce reverberation in your office or home with 6 wall panels measuring 116 x 78 cm. Choose between Galaxy Glow, Arctic White, Desert Spirit and other variants. So that not only your ears benefit, but also your eyes.


We understand that you attach great importance to the furnishing of your rooms. Every piece of furniture tells a little story about who you are and what you like to do. The professionalism of a company is also reflected in its appearance.

With our acoustic images you kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand you noticeably improve the acoustics and make the rooms liveable. On the other hand, you equip your room stylish wall or ceiling panels that guarantee a modern and professional look.

Regardless of whether you want to set color accents or design creative, individual acoustic images yourself, you will find what you are looking for with us. Take a look at the online shop and choose your perfect solution!


Our acoustic pictures consist of acoustic fleece. This fleece is composed of PES staple fibers. This means that 60% PET is recycled in every acoustic panel. It is also recyclable itself.

Our series "Divid" has a thermally bonded surface that makes the fleece look almost like marble with its gentle grain. The smooth surface makes the elements particularly robust and easy to care for. However, what is really unique is hidden in the subtitle: Created to create!

Thanks to the special cut, create your own acoustic pictures on the wall. It doesn't matter whether it's one color or multicolored, whether it's symmetrical or in the shape of a flower - let your creativity run free.
The well thought-out installation with self-adhesive Velcro strips allows you to find the perfect finishing touch for your acoustic image.


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